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Subtract single digits from numbers from 10 through 99. To complete the subtraction borrow 10 by taking one from the tens place in the top number.

Type the ones digit first, use the left arrow to move to the tens place, and type the tens place in the answer. The tens place digit in the solution is always one less than the tens place digit in the top number. "Correct!" displays when the answer is correct. The reset button reset image, clicking on the subtraction problem, or the ENTER or RETURN key can be used to set the next subtraction problem. Move the pointer over the ? for help.

Click on the yellow check mark to quiz yourself. Click the - or + beside the #10 to pick the number of problems to score. After you've answered and reset the problem, the left counter adds one for a correct answer; the other keeps count of how many you've tried. In this mode there is no "Correct!" display, but if the answer is wrong you will be shown the correct one. The score displays when the math problems are completed.

Math symbols spin while waiting for a new problem - if it spins for a while, press the reset button again.

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