+ Click here for Instructions - Click here to hide Instructions 1. First, put the mouse pointer over the x's in the top number of the long subtraction problem at the bottom right of the page. Then click on the mouse to set the number of digits. Set the second number the same way. When you have the number of digits set for both, press the reset button. reset image The new long subtraction problem is now ready to be solved.
2. The shaded blocks tell you where you need to type in numbers to solve the problem. Use the control arrow keys control arrows or mouse to move from block to block. Type the correct number in each block. 2
3. Check your answer by using the mouse to put the cursor over the black check check image at the bottom left of the page. If your numbers are right, they will turn blue. 2 If any are wrong they will turn red. 2 You can change the red numbers and check your answer again. When they all stay black when you check them, then you did it right. Press the reset button reset image to do it again.
4. Need help? Put the cursor over the equals sign = to see the solution!
5. Click the teacher's apple apple image for more great math challenges!
Click the x's to set the number of digits. Then press reset.
Reset long subtraction problem.
check mark
Check your answer. Blue numbers are correct. Red are incorrect.
Show long subtraction solution.
Type the answer. Use the control arrow keys or mouse to move between digits.
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