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Determine whether the decimal number on the left side is greater than, less than, or equal to the decimal number on the right side. After comparing decimals, click on the greater than, less than, or equal to sign as appropriate. "Correct!" displays when you pick the correct symbol. Press reset reset image, click on a number, or use the ENTER or RETURN key to make a new problem. Place the cursor on the ? for help.

Click the yellow check to track how many you get correct. Select the number of tries you want to track by clicking - or + by the #10. When resetting, the first counter counts correct answers; the right one counts the number of math problems you've tried. The "Correct!" mark will not appear when using the counters, but if your answer is incorrect then the correct answer displays. When complete, your score is shown.

If the math symbols spin for awhile, try resetting the problem again.

Click on the apple apple image for our decimals and percentages page where you can find practice identifying decimals, adding decimal numbers, and much more.

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