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Do you know how many blocks there are on the page? Count them and type the number. If you get it correct, the happy face will smile. For example, if there are seven blocks and you type the number 7, the face will smile.

Press a purple number on the bottom of the page to change the most number of blocks that will appear.

Press 'Do it again' or the ENTER (or RETURN) key to try it again.

Press here to turn directions OFF.
Kids' BIG Numbers
Mr. Martini's Classroom
wait smile
shape1 shape2 shape3 shape4 shape5 shape6 shape7 shape8 shape9 shape10
shape11 shape12 shape13 shape14 shape15 shape16 shape17 shape18 shape19 shape20
shape21 shape22 shape23 shape24 shape25 shape26 shape27 shape28 shape29 shape30
shape31 shape32 shape33 shape34 shape35 shape36 shape37 shape38 shape39 shape40
10 20 30 40
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